Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.

MURAYAMA Ruriko Solo exhibition “The work and the situation”


MURAYAMA Ruriko  Solo exhibition
“The work and the situation”

As the situations change people, they also change art.
Art which is privately created by a person in a town (Locally),
across various bordars, associating with change,
commonly shared in-depth of individuals (globally).
What is the definition and meaning of beauty?  What elements determine its value?
People who wonder themselves and act along with ther own anntena,
in Kanazawa as the situation, are conneted and networked together with art, and then?
We will experience certain chain which is induced by art.

2010/4/17(Sat)~7/19(Mon/National holiday)
Kanazawa Artgummi The Hokkoku Bank Musashigatsuji Branch 3F, Beside the Omi-cho Market)
Admission ¥300
(Students and the disabled ¥200.
Free re-entry by showing the used ticket through eitire exhibition period.Please show at reception.)
Open 10:00~18:00  Closed Wednesdays (Open on National holidays)

Related events
Artgummi Flea Market

Old junks,pens,records,hair accessories,plates,clothes,laces,mirrors,bags,scarves and so on.
Getting donation “the beauty” from creative people who have their own
taste and craft them or shop owners in kanazawa.
From peoples in Kanazawa to Artgummi and to the exhibition.
Those goods will be sold with each episodes or their profiles at the flea market
to support the spring Murayama art exhibition.
What makes us feeling beauty? What determine values of stuffs?
What stuffs will be collected by various individual’s thoughts for beauty?
From people in kanazawa to Artgummi and to the exhibition.
Through attractive and aesthetic people in Kanazawa, with various stuffs and human linking
together, create new encounter and the exhibition.

Date: The forth Saturdays from February to June )
Venue:Omi-cho Market Open Space (Below Kanazawa Artgummi)

1year anniversary talk event “ths Shock by the alternative “

“Alternative” individuals and organizations who engage with art
by finding social gaps, connect them, quicken them,
and independent of existing concepts and systems.
What will be the impact to art industry by them
in the global wave of alternative activities forcusing on community and art?
Should artist belong to Gallery? What will be role of Museum, Gallery, artist?
What will be art that take root in community?
By running over mechanism of art industry, through eyes of Museum, artist, gallery,
enterprise, seek for future possibility of alternative.

Date  4/29 (Thursday/The National Holiday)
Talk   15:00~17:00 ¥500
Party  18:00~         ¥1500
Moderator: MANABE Jyunro(Kanazawa Artgummi)
KUROSAWA Sin (Museum educator/Director of Center for crafts and culture,Kanazawa)
MURAYAMA Ruriko(Artist/Belonged to YAMAMOTO GENDAI )

Organized by  NPO Kanazawa Artgummi 
Co-hosted by Kanazawa Fashion Industrial Promotion Organization

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