Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.

The girl and her object

Artgummi Links International Artists vol.1
Margret Wibmer × Kiyomi Yamashita

The girl and her object

We are pleased to announce our new project which is our vision from the beginning
connecting Kanazawa city to other oversea cities as celebration of Artgummi’s 1th

This first project is Kanazawa ⇔ Amsterdam. We invited Ms.Margret Wibmer
living in Holland and collaborate with Ms. Kiyomi Yamashita, the
living in Kanazawa. The project exhibits the works which are jointly produced.

Its theme is “Humans and Machines”. We collected old home electronics products in
Showa era from some museums and people in Kanazawa. Open studio exhibition by using
those electronics products, exhibition at Hotel resol trinity nearby and dedicated MRO radio
program synchronized performance by K Yamashita are exhibited at the same time frame.

The exhibition “The girl and her object” expresses the girl’s survival in our society who have
the body and the spirit. She asks questions in the space with many machines.

No matter how hard and serious our future of the world is, could we live simply and elegantly?

Venue  Kanazawa Artgummi + Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa
Admission free(Recture is charged)
10:00~18:00 Closed Wednesdays (Open on National holidays)

Organized by  NPO Kanazawa Artgummi
Supported by  The Private Museum of Sound and Pictures in Showa,
Kanazawa Folklore Museum, Co.FIX , Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa,
Norihito Minowa, Norihiro Mori(Modrilla studio), MRO
Sponsored by  Cultural Department of the Tyrolean Government


10/1 Sat ~11/7 Sun    Exhibition at hotel
Venue/Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa
Exhibition at the ground-floor lobby and front desk.
10:00~24:00  Open everyday

1-18 Musashi-machi,Kanazawa Tel 076-221-9269

10/10 Sun    Lecture 18:00
Venue/Kanazawa Artgummi
About Ms.Wibmer’s act and artscenes in Netherland.
Admission ¥500  No appointment necessary

10/10Sun ~10/15Fri   Openstudio
Venue/Kanazawa Artgummi
Admission Free

10/16Sat    Performance  18:00~18:40
Venue/Kanazawa Artgummi
Open 17:40  Admission Free No appointment necessary
Performance linked to MRO radio program”Sound Cafe”.

Kiyomi Yamashita
Art Direction
Margret Wibmer
Audio Equipment
The Private Museum of Sound and Pictures in Showa
Sound Cordination
Norihito Minowa
Sound Engineer
Norihiro Mori(Modrilla studio)
Recording  Co.FIX
Coperation MRO

10/17Sun ~ 11/7Sun   Exhibition at hotel

Venue/Kanazawa Artgummi
Installation of home electronics in Showa and photos
Admission Free

Margret Wibmer

Kiyomi Yamashita

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