Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.

TAKAHASHI Haruki Solo Exhibition “in the vine”

2 year anniversary exhibition
TAHAKASHI Haruki Solo Exhibtion ”in the vine


Kanazawa Artgummi (The Hokkoku Bank Musashigatsuji Branch 3F, Beside the Omi-cho Market)
Admission Free  Open 10:00~18:00  Closed Wednesdays (Open on National holidays)

Open Studio 4/8(FRI)~15(FRI)
Exhibition  4/16(SAT)~7/10(SUN)

It’s 2 years since Kanazawa Artgummi start on April 2009 at the Hokkoku Bank Musashigatsuji Branch 3F. To celebrate this 2 year anniversary, we presents TAKAHASHI Haruki solo exhibition.

He’s from Kanazawa and had exhibition such as Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2009,Setouchi International Art Festival 2009, INAX gallery recently. His well-known artworks are the installation of Kutani pottery in the shape of vine.(Kutani is one of the representative traditional crafts in Ishikawa. )

On this exhibition, His new work “in the vine” comes at Kanazawa Artgummi which designed by MURANO Togo, an famous archiect at early showa era.The work “in the vine” is,light cut through 3 outlines consisted by roof and 2 walls,as if it is illuminant the translucent vine ( Kutani pottery )grow and ramble in the space where is enlarged by the vine.

The Kutani pottery vine act as illuminant itself and surround visitor then will gently tempt the visitor from the real space to the other inner space ofthe visitor.

The way daily pottery contain light and creating new space from inner to outer will express the expanding possibility and pleasure of ART then re-sublimate into the heart and life of the visitor.

What do you feel by facing the other side of space of the work given by the artist?


Born in 1971 in Kanazawa. A contemporary artist and The associate professor of Kanazawa College of Art.His well-known artworks are the installation of Kutani pottery.He takes part in NPO Kanazawa Artgummi from 2009.

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2 year anniversery talk; Think Kanazawa with Joy of Art
5/21(Sat) 19:00~20:30  Admission Free

Traditional Art,The Instrument ”Creative City of Crafts and Folk art”,21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa, Kanazawa Collage of Art, galleries and art groups…

Kanazawa attract attention as an Art City at home and abroad. Until now, its government has specialized in cultural facility and cultural-preservation,but what its would be? We’ll exchange opinions from each other’s positions;citizen,NPO,government, school.

YAMANO Yukiyoshi  The Mayor of Kanazawa city
TUEMURA Syuji     The executive director of The Hokkoku Bank
OKUMURA Keijiro    The board of NPO Toride Art Project Office/TAP’s Assistant Director General
TAKAHASHI Haruki   The Contemporary Artist/The associate professor of Kanazawa College of Art


Talk+Bar;In my case

1th TAKAHASHI Haruki
4/16(Sat)  TALK 19:00~/BAR 20:00~
Admission Free(Bar time:1drink¥300)

Series of lecture ”Talk+Bar; In my case” approach artists,gallerist,art funs and collectors in Kanazawa. 1th guest is TAKAHASI Haruki, the artist of this exhibition and its theme is his life,works and how to survive with Art in Kanazawa.This series have held to invite some guests during the exhibition.For details, please check our website or twitter.

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