Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.



Kanazawa Artgummi is an NPO whose mission is to cultivate art and culture in Kanazawa.
Based on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch of Hokkoku Bank, we help to foster connections between the city, its people, its visitors, and its artists – helping people keep up-to-date with event information and ways to share their passion for art.  Hokuriku area local and international art listings are available on our website, the “Kanazawa ArtGummi Guide.”

Kanazawa ArtGummi is an art-centered group which has studied “communication through art” in co-operation with the Kanazawa Citizen’s Research Group since 2006.  In 2009 we became an NPO and opened a gallery on the third floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch of Hokokku Bank.  From there we organize exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and many other events.  In addition, we manage the “Kanazawa ArtGummi Guide,” a web-based art guide for events in the Hokuriku area.  Our goal is to provide a place for artists, art enthusiasts, and their towns to communicate easily as well as coordinate art events, introductions and meetings.
The Musashigatsuji Branch of Hokokku Bank was built by Togo Murano (1891-1984), a man lauded as one of the best architects in Japan.  This valuable building is one of his earliest works still standing.  It was built as the head office of the Kano Gohdo Bank, the forerunner of Hokokku Bank, in 1932 (Showa 7).





The ArtGummi Gallery 

Our gallery is located on the third floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch of Hokokku Bank.  We are looking for local and international art to display as well as events and workshops to host.

Web Projects 

Our main website is called the “Kanazawa ArtGummi Guide.” It’s a collection of art event listings, gallery information and artist bios.

Art Consultation 

“How do I host and design a professional exhibit? How can I organize events with a unique viewpoint? I’d like to develop unique artistic products. I want to have professional promotional items and a website.” The Kanazawa ArtGummi can help you with these and many other projects.

  • Exhibition curation
  • Art information booths
  • Art space research
  • Art writing
  • Artist promotion
  • Organizing and designing events
  • Professional-grade promotional items and design advice


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