Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.

A.I.T.K.[Artist Initiative Toiya Kanazawa] Kind of Passage

Group Show of Young Artists in Hokuriku
A.I.T.K.  Artist Initiative Toiya Kanazawa

Kind of Passage


“Passage” has multiple meanings : a movement from one place to another, a transition, a segment of a wrriten work and so on.
We define the exhibition ” Kind of passage” showing not a directed vision but our different situations based on different histories, values, awareness of problems shared by A.I.T.K. members then weave all those into this exhibition.  There is an enormous chance of encounter in everyday life. It consist from day to day meaningless occurences but give us various opportunities to let us think world.
We suppose activities to make art pieces will spin into the opportunities then will create new meanings and values.

2012. 2.16 〈Thu.〉 ─ 3.4〈Sun.〉
Orginized by A.I.T.K. , Kanazawa Artgummi Hours=10:00─18:00
Closed=Wednesdays Admission Free
Funded by The research funds of Kanazawa college of Art

Satoshi Kikuya  Mayumi Kyue  Dai Hijikata  Yusuke Takeda
Yudai Sii  Kyohei Shimizu  Paul Hommage

|A.I.T.K.  Artist Initiative Toiya Kanazawa|
a volatile art group baced in“Toiya-machi Studio” using an old printing plant since March, 2011.

|Opening Live|
2012.2.15 〈Wed.〉 Open 19:00
Ticket=2,000 JPN (Artgummi Member =1,000 JPN)
Act=Jazz and Funk Music  STOUT
food/drink=嗜季 Shiki /a.k.a.

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