Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Musashigatsuji Branch Hokkoku Bank.

Porcelain Fever:Contemporary Artists and Kutani Now

Porcelain Fever:Contemporary Artists and Kutani Now

2012/7/28(Sat.)- 8/31(Fri.)
Venue Kanazawa Artgummi
10:00-18:00  Closed Wednesdays  Admission Free


A Kanazawa College of Art graduate and Utatsuyama Craft Workshop resident artist, currently Assistant Professor at Clemson University (USA), Valerie Zimany’s research paper “Porcelain Fever: Kutani Now, Trends of Contemporary Artists” is the basis of this exhibition, which introduces 9 contemporary artists incorporating the techniques and materials of Kutani in their artwork. Now, a new generation of artists combines fresh individuality and sensibilities with the traditional processes and materials of Kutani porcelain, and integrates traditional ceramics, pop culture, and modern day Japan to construct a new paradigm of “Kutani.” These artists, whose works still posses elements of ornament and narrative, deviate from tradition, and once again find commonalities with their contemporaries in the art world.This exhibition of work reflective of Kutani today will be an opportunity to re-examine the position of art and ceramics, and consider their future direction.

9 Artists|

AKAJI Ken , SAITO Mayu , TAKAHASHI Haruki , TANABE Kyoko , TOIDE Mashihiko ,
HABA Fumihiko , MASUYA Keiko , MITSUKE Masayasu , Valerie Zimany


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Talk  AKIMOTO Yuji(Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) × Valerie Zimany(Exhibition curator)
7.28|Sat.| 18:00~19:00  Admission:Free   Language: Japanese

Opening Reception

7.28|Sat.| 19:00~ Admission:Free

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